welcome to k3 media audio visual portfolio

  • Series Digital Isolation
    Visual Gallery 1
    Series Digital Isolation
    The digital isolation series presents human forms suspended in three-dimensional space. The series explores virtual space and re-visualises the human form as a canvas onto which real and graphically manipulated textures are projected.
    © 2010 k3 media (digital prints 420 x 297mm)
  • Sur La Rue & Anthologie
    Audio 1 | Spoken Word Audio
    Sur La Rue & Anthologie
    Sur La Rue (On The Road) is a collection of (beat poetry inspired) texts set to digital audio. Anthologie is a collection of poems inspired by political and philosophical events and themes. Written by R Fraser-Munroe and P Marsh and produced by K3 Media.
    © 2009 k3 media/ the artists
  • Nighthawks 2000
    Video 1
    Nighthawks (2000)
    A poetry short of the poem Nighthawks written by Adura Onashile. The work features the writer and RFM and was a part of the K3 Media SpeakEZ digital literature tour commission in 2000.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Shall I Compare (1999)
    Video 2
    Shall I Compare (1999)
    A short poetry film created by RFM of his poem, Shall I Compare Thee based on Guillaume Secour-Lance's poem of the same name.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Series Digital Heads
    Visual Gallery 2
    Series Digital Heads
    The digital heads works continue a two-decade practice of using photographs and digitally manipulated graphics of human and three-dimensional heads. The series has resulted in futuristic digital creations of creatures and manipulations of auto portraits.
    © 2010 k3 media (digital prints 420 x 297mm)
  • LSDTV! Grandma Quack's Banana Bake (1998)
    Performance 1
    LSDTV! Grandma Quack's Banana Bake (1998)
    Broadcast in 1998 as part of the BBC/ Arts Council England's live art broadcast strand (Expanding Pictures) LSD TV! is a renegade broadcast from prisoners aboard a space prison ship. With RFM, John Spiers & The Kenny Process Team.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Goddesses and Gods & Urbanalism
    Audio 2 | Digital Audio
    Goddesses and Gods & Urbanalism
    Goddesses & Gods (2009) contains short, digital audio tracks of an urban underground persuasion. Listen and reap! Yes, the Sun God label has released Urbanalism, short, brooding audio works querying and remixing urban culture. Produced by Sun God Audio.
    © 2009-2010 sun god audio
  • Land Of The Freaky (2004)
    Video 3
    Land Of The Freaky (2004)
    A bold and uncompromising audio-visual remix created by The Kunstler of the 2004 K305 (OEM) Audio Magazine track, Land Of The Free(ky). Not for lovers of Americana!
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Series Environment Places
    Visual Gallery 3
    Series Environment Architecture
    The Environment Architecture works are site-specific photographs digitally manipulated to represent (or remix) the original architectural image. Such works are explorations of how architectural structures are viewed and represented in contemporary art.
    © 2010 k3 media (digital prints 420 x 297mm)
  • Oh Happy Day (2004)
    Performance 2
    Oh Happy Day (2004)
    An ongoing live art work by RFM and Peter Marsh as hapless representations of mankind's struggle against itself. The two bowler-hatted characters conjure up references to Magritte, Samuel Beckett, western officials, political orders and human angst.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Series Environment Places
    Visual Gallery 4
    Series Environment Places
    Barcelona, Spain is the theme for this selection of Environment Places works. These represent an ongoing documentation of geographic locations captured and manipulated to present an outsider's vision and interpretation of physical sites.
    © 2010 k3 media (digital prints 420 x 297mm)
  • Vader Terror (2009)
    Video 4
    Vader Terror (2009)
    A video broadcast featuring live art character Vader (Father) created by RFM for the multi media performance work, The Resident commissioned by writernet in 2009.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Series People Portraits
    Visual Gallery 5
    Series People Portraits
    These images are created using photographs and digital manipulation. The resulting vibrant and unique human portraits stimulate a reappraisal of identity and how we see others and ourselves. Includes images from the Push Black Beauty Exhibition in 2001.
    © 2010 k3 media (digital prints 420 x 297mm)
  • Video 5
    Visual Jockey (2010)
    A short moving image digital video mash including visual elements by Sun God Graphico, Kargan Media, After Dark (Liverpool) & K3 Media accompanied by Sun God Media audio. Originally created for Noiselab, Manchester.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • K308 & K305 Audio Magazines
    Audio 3 | Spoken Word & Audio
    K308 & K305 Audio Magazines
    K3 Media continues its decade long electronic publishing format with the K305 and K308 audio magazines. These limited edition audio CDs present the work of various contributors produced by OEM and K3 Media.
    © 2004-2009 k3 media/ the artists
  • Parousia MMX (2010)
    Video 6
    Parousia MMX (2010)
    A (work in progress) short animated digital film based on an extract from the Parousia story by Michael Mavrik. This haunting piece doth dwell upon the ongoing and nefarious unchecked presence of abuse and spiritual misguidance in human institutions.
    © 2010 k3 media
  • Series Kunst Fabriek
    Visual Gallery 6
    Series Kunst Fabriek
    The Kunst Fabriek (Art Fabric) is the latest incarnation of work, which presents visual art as textures (often repeat pattern) and which challenge visual comprehension and the formats in which art works are exhibited and produced.
    © 2010 k3 media (digital prints 420 x 297mm)
  • Owl Boy (2004)
    Performance 3
    Owl Boy (2004)
    Performance character Owl Boy takes flight. Part of the TOTU (Theatre Of The Unheard) commission created by RFM, Peter Marsh & Adura Onashile. TOTU, an exhibition-installation, sited at the Almeida Theatre (Push Festival 2004). Text, photographs and video.
    © 2010 k3 media