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Mega Super Dooper Injunction

In a follow up to a recent story it can be revealed that a certain media chain has launched a mega super dooper injunction on its own product. The unnamed media empire has forbidden any reproduction of its content. Taking it a step further into the ridiculous it is now illegal to read, view or listen to anything it has printed, broadcast or launched on the internet. If someone or something has inadvertently ingested some of its lies it is illegal to communicate this disinformation or to seek psychiatric help for its repression or removal. The said media empire was unavailable for comment but its emperor (known politically as ‘Ming’, ‘Lord Ming’ or ‘Yes, Boss’) but more commonly referred to as ‘the Wicked Witch of Wapping’ was heard to snigger quietly before rolling over in his golden coffin.

About the author

Chester Drawers
Chester Drawers Is a disgraced journalist and political commentator, banned from working for any American news organisation after forging his own 'Pulitzzer Prize' he has found refuge in the somewhat more relaxed relationship between the press and the truth on our Sun drenched shores.