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Once Upon A Lime

In the days when “the pound” was something more than repeatedly banging one’s head against a brick wall, when “a pump” was an item of footwear or at its most shocking an implement to introduce air into a bicycle wheel inner tube. The colloquialism becomes clearer. In the far off days when an Englishman’s home was his arsehole and it cost 2/6 for a slap up meal, two dance tickets for the Palais, a hotel in Mayfair and a community chance. When men AND women gave their lives for the cause and the cause of the cause looked on helpless with laughter. Well in those far-off happy sunny days… Things were so different.

Oh, and don’t forget the hangings! Once nightly with a matinee on Saturdays…
I used to love that Albert Pierrepoint…

About the author

RFM is a writer and multi media creative producer.