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The Coming Of Nigh

In the infancy of the 21st century the human race is on an irreversible backsliding descent into the pit of despair. It knows not of its demise as it has a delusional and blind belief in its so-called superiority. But where will this take the human race?

As we observe the world and in particular the human being the sane amongst us must wonder how the descendents of Eve or the upright apes depending upon your taste has failed to develop from the rock hurling, superstitious thug of yesteryear. Whilst fear of invisible deities and witchcraft are certainly much reduced (in many locations) they have been replaced by celebrity worship and the irrational belief in global free market economics. The later is proving to be the undoing of the human as its mantra of profit at any cost is the root cause of the undermining and destruction of the ancient traditions and cultures hitherto living on and with the land and now displaced in the capitalist thirst for the natural resources exploited to feed the ravenous beast of globalism.

A clique of economic robber barons has reshaped the world order in its own image and ruthlessly pursues its endgame despite the nakedness and futility of its self-serving ambitions. And yet the disenfranchised majority seems not to have the wit or means to remove the globalist parasites from its back. In the past the peasants would have simply revolted killing those that oppressed them and redistributing the ill-gotten gains of the rich and powerful. Now those that lord it over us have created and use laws to protect themselves and to control the masses. Further, taxes ensure that those in power have the means to police their state and repress any peasant led demonstrations for equity, meritocracy and enfranchisement.

Key to the continuance of the global world order is an ignorant (peasant) population too busy scratching around in the dust and debris for a living to notice and act against the architects of their worsening fortunes. Education, or a lack of access to it, is key to the status quo’s maintenance and the establishment has got the balance of religious, judicial and political control just right to keep the oppressed oppressed. An added smoke screen of academic and media disinformation completes the system required to ensure that the end, when it comes will be ultra destructive for the majority rather than the privileged minority.

What this illustrates is the lamentable failure of the human to realise its potential.

About the author

The Kunstler
The Kunstler is a well-seasoned creative protagonist seeking to unsettle his co-inhabitees of the planet earth with alternative stimuli emanating from observances and exploration of the human condition. The Kunstler is dismissive of planet-wide concepts such as one-regime fits all and colonialism is dead, long live globalism.