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The Opposite Of Me

There is a beautiful terror in the truth of reality that the inferior will of men hoped would not be revealed, in the seven eternal mirrors of life, hanging forever from the tree of time.

As we collide with the future, collecting memories to keep us warm when we feel the cold of our past, while standing in our present, who among men has the full knowledge of silent understanding, to be able to live in the here and now, while seeing his future?

Is it through the recapture of once forgotten moments, where we will understand the wisdom of grace, as we grow old?

Or is it through a strength to love that was given by a King not of this world, so that we can sit in silence, and finally take notice of the groans, in the weakness of our own souls?

I have found men in their old age begin to thirst for the Water of Life; not knowing that in Spirit, He was walking with them, throughout their worldly lives.

And I have considered if a wicked man could reason to think the opposite to his very thoughts, by looking in the mirror of his mind, he would comprehend the opposite side to his illusion. And know that he was always at the door of life.

And the life that lies at the centre of the dreams of his heart, were gifted to him freely, before, the very moment he was born.

When a man looks back over his thoughts and actions, and sees the hidden depths of the meanings of the energy of his words, he can now look into his future, and know that the opposite words inside, that he pretended to be, when he didn’t know how to live, are the living words revealed to him now, in the present, that are to be lived by grace to reflect the wisdom in the mirrors of life, that exists, on the tree of time.

The inferior will of men can no longer deny, that this is the beautiful terror of the truth in reality, that is seen in the mirrors of life, hanging forever, from the tree of time.

And by this grace, so the knowledge of the source of the mercy of salvation to my mind is revealed, as it is clearly seen, that the opposite of foolishness is wisdom.
The opposite of sterility is fertility.
The opposite of poverty is riches.
The opposite of hate is love.
The opposite of servitude is power.
The opposite of war is peace.
The opposite of deformity is beauty.
And the opposite of the devil is me.

About the author

Michael Mavrik
Michael Mavrik is an original thinker interested in furthering his experiences in the entertainment field of work. A deeply committed and industrious team player, passionate about people, and is also a motivated infusible individual who is consistently capable, sociable, and independent.