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The Skulken

A Skulken shivvies around the darkened corner of a squalid back alley near Deadbach Estate. The creature drags its dead feat barely making contact with the ground. Like it’s hovering slightly and it’s tilted forward a bit as if in fear the ground will allow the Earth to recapture it.

Skulken don’t like the Earth, or the ground or any physical earthly manifestations. They love water, especially if it’s fetid or has shit in it. They like foul and poisoned air, which is like as a perfume to them that is Skulken. Finally, I am afraid, Skulken do like to nyam human flesh.

Oh, and they can time switch which is to say they can project their practically dead bodies and malignant spirits short spaces forward in time. For example you are on a street standing twenty feet ahead of a Skulken it will be fifteen feet away from you before you have taken one step.

Skulken are not (and again I am afraid to tell you this) afraid of religious crosses, holy water, stakes (both wooden and rare), garlic cloves or oils, priests (of any denomination) nor hand-made silver bullets.

In fact Skulken can drink, eat, suck, rip or compromise the life out of any of the aforementioned traditional protections and if I did not mention it before Skulken just love to nyam human flesh.

About the author

RFM is a writer and multi media creative producer.